We fell in love with Ruby on Rails six years ago and kept exploring new technologies since then.

We mainly use Rails for our backends even though Node.js has proved itself great in some cases. HTML and CSS do not frighten us, even more when we can use the latest HTML5 improvements.
Javascript is present everyday whether it's for frontend development (using mostly jQuery in this case), specific low level javascript for embeds, building mobile applications (using Titanium for example) or even building games.


Studio Melipone was founded by 2 techies who wanted to make great, technically advanced, web applications.

We are currently a team of 4 rails developpers, 2 game designers/developers and 1 designer/pixel-artist. The company is meant to be "human" and passion in computer engineering is more than important, it's crucial. It's what makes you explore new things, keep learning, keep changing so you never stay in your habit comfort zone.

This is exactly what we are: open minded, technology Chefs, always trying new recipes and arguing about spices.

Agile thinking

We do our best to put up processes that will work with our clients. It's always about agility and communication.

Half of our time is dedicated to our own projects. This means we're starting to know a lot about success, failure and how to create a working tech/design/marketing relationship.
Our experience helps us prevent flaws in the global development process as the technical part is at the center of every startup but is impacted by communication, marketing strategies, design and integration.
Client may be king but we always say "No" with a good explanation when we think something won't work.


Creating serious web applications for serious businesses doesn't mean that you can't have a good time doing it.

We like music, cinema, role playing games, video games, snowboard, hiking and more.
When you work with us, you work with real humans, no black box where you don't know what happens in the process of building your web app. You'll be incorporated in the fun but also in the difficult moments.
Come get a coffee or a tea in our offices in Melun (77) or in Anglet (64), we will be happy to show you how we work :)

And now, let's meet! Contact us!